Sony bookshelf type speaker [1] this SS-K30ED


Product Code: ZTF-S300NEOCH Manufacturer's part number: S-300NEO-CH Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law Remarks: covered Radio Law: non-target Telecommunications Business Law: non-target Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law: non-target Asbestos:-free RoHS Directive: correspondence J-Moss: Unknown Environment Assertive mark: None Radio Act Remarks: unregulated equipment Telecommunications Business Law Remarks: unregulated equipment

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Sony

Technical Details

Brand Name: Sony

Model Number: S-300NEO-CH

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.: S-300NEO-CH

Packaging Size: 7.2 x 9 x 9.4 inches ; 9.5 pounds